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Please read the following terms and conditions before using this Site. Later use will mean you accept all conditions detailed.

1. Legal Notice.

1.1. Competitors Data ( expressly released from all liability for any damage, loss or injury resulting from the activities of any visitor to the Site and use it to give your content.

1.2. Competitors Data ( is not responsible for what you could do with the information and links on this site.

1.3. Competitors Data ( contains or may contain external links to third party websites and is not responsible for their practices when it comes to your privacy.

1.4. Competitors Data ( is not responsible for the interpretation of the information contained on the Site.

1.5. Competitors Data ( reserves the right to accept or remove any posting on the Site.

1.6. You acknowledge having read the general terms of use, giving them in accordance with all terms and conditions. You agree to not use the Site for illegal, unauthorized and / or to rebut the statements of these conditions.

2. Privacy Policy.

In Competitors Data ( know that the privacy of our users is very important, so that this document provides site users with information about how we collect, store and use data collected through the different services offered and / or pages available on this site.

Please read the following to learn more about our information practices, including what type of data we collect, how we use and for what purpose and how we safeguard your personal information. We also recommend having this Privacy Policy Google, since access to Competitors Data ( indirectly constitutes acceptance of the same, in all its terms and conditions.

2.1. Users agree and acknowledge that the publicity provided by the advertisers of Competitors Data ( may involve the use of Cookies and Web Beacons for information, both on the Competitors Data (, as in the sites of the respective advertisers.

2.2. Cookies, Web Beacons and Other Technologies:

As is standard practice on many websites, Competitors Data ( use "cookies" and other technologies to help understand which parts of our websites are most popular, where our visitors are going and how long they spend there. We use cookies and other technologies to study traffic patterns on our website so that their views are even more rewarding. Competitors Data ( may also use cookies to record your visits to our Web site. We may collect information, including IP address, such as personal identification. However, this information will only be used for analytical purposes and restricted access to third parties to carry out the analysis. If you don't want that Competitors Data ( deploy cookies in your browser, you can set to reject cookies or to alert you when a website attempts to place a cookie on the browser software. Blocking certain cookies in your browser may interfere with proper operation and web browsing of Competitors Data. Most browsers allow you to configure and manage cookies in the following 3 ways:

* To reject all cookies.

* Accept all cookies.

* Choose to accept or reject certain cookies.

The browser also may allow to better specify what cookies should be accepted and which not. Specifically, you can accept any of the following options: reject cookies from certain domains, reject third party cookies, accept cookies and not persistent (they are deleted when the browser closes) cookies allow the server to create a different domain. In addition, browsers can also allow you to view and delete cookies individually.

2.3. Competitors Data ( can also use small images of a pixel by pixel, or Web Beacons (visible or invisible) that inform us about which parts of the website are visited most often and measure the effectiveness of your searches on our site. The Web beacons are used in a manner similar to cookies. Competitors Data ( uses the following service and / or resource that you can use cookies or Web beacons to analyze what happens in our pages:

2.4. Competitors Data ( obtains information from the users through contact form. This information is totally confidacial and will not be used with other end than getting in touch with the user and/or to send publicity related with Competitors Data ( or any of their assouciates;

In case some user would like this information to be deleted/modify from our database, it will be necessary for him/her to send a messagge through the contact form or email to

3. Content Licence.

3.1. Competitors Data ( it is build under the Creative Commons Licence, such licence allows us to use the contents (texts) with non commercial end, requiring only attribution to the author with a direct link to the original entry.

3.2. Competitors Data ( the company does not claim any ownership rights over any of the images displayed on the site, or any other material other than the texts cited in the previous section (3.1)

4. Policy changes.

Competitors Data ( reserves the right to modify all or part of these conditions as it deems necessary without notice. In the case of implementing a major change in the Privacy Policy will be posted a notice on our Web site.


For privacy issues, copyright or policies of the Site, please contact the head of Competitors Data ( by sending a messagge using the contact form.

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